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With over 85 years in the industry, Sewerin has developed instruments to pinpoint water and gas leaks, locate hidden pipes and cables, or find lost utility covers. Our tools are used by the world's leading water and gas utility companies, leak detectors, and utility locators. German perfection you can always rely on.

Water Leak Location

Water leaking under pressure generates noise in the pipe and surrounding ground.
Sewerin water leak detection instrument range includes sophisticated digital electroacoustic tools that amplify and clarify leak noise for faster, more accurate leak detection.
Gas detectors can be used along with tracer gas to pinpoint leaks by analysing gas concentrations.


Gas Detection

Sewerin manufactures a variety of gas detection instruments suitable for both detection and warning applications. When used with a tracer gas, our instruments are also widely used in water leak location applications. Our gas detection instruments can be used effectively indoors or outdoors. Please contact us for more specialised gas detection requirements.


Utility, Manhole Cover and Valve Spindle Location

Sewerin’s utility locators come with a range of sophisticated options, depending on the specific device. The UT9000 features a remote control signal generator and GPS integration, the UtiliTrac R130 has 3d sonde location and the UT830 is a very simple, single frequency, easy to use locator.
For non-metallic pipes, there is also an effective electroacoustic equipment option.



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