Pipe and Cable Detection – Accessories

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Pipe Tracing Reels

By inserting the metal cored glass fibre rod into the pipe it can be traced with one of the electromagnetic location systems (UT 9000, UT 830 or UtiliTrac). A sonde or mini pig transmitter can optionally be attached to the end of the rod giving the precise location of the end of the rod.

Pipe Tracing Sondes

A sonde is a self-contained transmitter for electromagnetic location techniques. These can be attached to the end of the glass fibre rod. Different frequencies and sizes are available depending on your application

Signal Clamps

Signal clamps serve to connect your transmitter to power or communication cables were baring the core wire is not desirable. The clamp is clamped around the cable you want to trace and the coils in the clamp induce a signal you can follow with your electromagnetic locator.