Precise water leak location with Digital Signal Processing

The correlator’s two EM30 microphones are attached to hydrants, valves or the pipe walls with powerful magnets. For even greater precision they can be connected directly to the water column using hydrophone sensors. As long as the SeCorrPhon AC 06 can receive sound data from both microphones this data can be analysed for an accurate location.

Sound data is transmitted to the lightweight central processing unit SeCorrPhon AC 06 by two powerful 500 mW radio transmitters. The system’s Digital Signal Processor quickly analyses the data and the resulting leak position is displayed graphically and the distance from each sensor is displayed in metres.

SeCorrPhon AC 06 - Radio transmitters and Piezoelectric accelerometers

  • Pipe noise from the microphones is transmitted by the SeCorrPhon AC 06 transmitters.
  • Transmitters can easily be carried by integrated antennae buttons.
  • Transmitters are only on when a microphone is plugged in protecting you from accidentally running the batteries flat.
  • Best amplification level is automatically selected when the microphone is connected.
  • Low-pass frequency filter, ideal for plastic pipes, is built-in. This isolates noise in the 0–300Hz frequency range most likely to be propagated in this material.
  • Receiver and transmitters can be simultaneously charged in the closed case.
  • 12V cigar lighter lead or permanent hard-wired adaptor enables in-vehicle charging.

Direct microphone connection

If one of the transmitters is unavailable one of the microphones can be plugged directly into the SeCorrPhon AC 06 allowing you to continue correlation without interruption.

Hydrophones – best results for leaks in plastic pipes

Hydrophones are microphones designed for use directly in water. When installed through a hydrant hydrophones give superior results over greater distances, even in plastic and larger diameter pipes.


  • Intuitive four button and jog dial interface.
  • Background interference noise filtering.
  • Fast accurate calculationd done by the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) ensuring quicker leak location.
  • Correlation performed by Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) calculations performing fast and accurate location even with the most challenging leaks.
  • High resolution 320 x 240 pixel LCD display for clear visualisation of leaks in any lighting conditions.
  • Automatic selection of “Highest Peak” for most likely leak location. Operator override possibe to look at other possible indications.
  • Drill-down menus for access to advanced features – available when you need them but out of the way when you don’t.
  • Can transfer data to your computer through integrated PC connection.
  • Eight hour NiMH rechargeable battery life.
  • IP 54 protection class.

SeCorrPhon AC 06 – Radio transmitter RT 06

  • Microphone automatically recognised when pluugged in.
  • Only turns on when microphone is plugged in.
  • Low-pass filter available for better performance on non-metallic pipes.
  • Automatic signal control.
  • 500 mW output power level with optimal selectivity
  • IP 67 protection class.
  • 10 hour battery life.