Designed for the early detection of water losses in a water supply network. The SePem® 100 system is designed for mobile use while the SePem® 150 or SePem® 01 gsm are preferable for permanent installation and use. The loggers are attached to pipe fittings, valve rod extensions or hydrants in the pipe network. They have integrated microphones and digital processors that record structure-borne noise – usually during the period of minimal use between 2:00 and 4:00 am. During this time leak noise will be easiest to recognise and the use of multiple loggers will enable operators quickly identify areas for more specific leak detection processes.

SePem® 100 data loggers – mobile use

The SePem® 100 system includes the SePem® 01 Master receiver along with any number of SePem® 100 loggers.
Loggers are deployed into the area to be surveyed for leaks. The loggers record noise level for a programmable period during the night and are retrieved the next day. Measurement data is transmitted to the SePem® 01 master by radio and high measurement values are immediately flagged by means of an audible alert. The loggers can then be re-deployed to another section of the network for further evaluation.

SePem® 150 data loggers – permanent monitoring

The SePem® 150 records system noise much like the 100. Data is collected remotely by simply driving through the area with the SePem® 01 Master receiver on a regular basis (daily or weekly for example). This system does not compare values between loggers but rather analyses changes in noise, over time, at each individual logger. A sudden change in noise level from one day to the next indicates a leak which can be located and repaired timeously.

SePem 01 GSM data loggers – permanent monitoring

SePem® 01 GSM noise loggers are intended for permanend installation in valve chambers for long-term noise monitoring. Noise data is collected at specific times and for predetermined intervals. Collected data is transmitted at specific intervals by cellular connection to a computer system for network monitoring. Leak noise is highlighted in the collected data (and can even be integrated into a mapping system) for rapid response when a leak is detected.

Sturdy technology

  • Loggers have IP68 protection class rating. Because they are totally dustproof, waterproof and corrosion resistant they are suitable for use in any environment.
  • Battery life of many years.

Reliable and efficient

  • Highly sensitive piezoelectric microphones optimised for leak detection can detect leak noise over large distances.
  • Data can be read and recorded remotely by radio. With permanently installed SePem® 150 loggers this can be done with a simple drive-by with the SePem® 01 Master.
  • Transmitted data includes minimum level, strength and frequency of the noise. This is clearly displayed on the Master screen. Options allow for filtering environmental interference caused by traffic, rain, power lines etc.


  • Online measurement can be taken on site for immediate display on the SePem® 01 Master screen so you can verify the suitability of the measuring point at installation time.
  • Measuring times and radio transmission times can be fully programmed.
  • Fast and reliable results with an easy, intuitive interface – even with less experienced operators.