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The UT 830 is the perfect instrument for quickly and simply locating underground water and gas pipes and electrical cables.


  • IP65 protection rating and robust, compact construction make the UT 830 suitable for working in any weather condition and in difficult environments.
  • Able to passively locate power lines and cathodic protected lines at frequencies of 50, 10 and 150Hz.
  • Battery life of up to 75 hours for the receiver and 150 hours for the transmitter minimises downtime.

Clear results

  • Fast response times because of its built-in adaptive filtering.
  • PEAK function available at the touch of a button to minimise interference.
  • Fully automatic digital depth measurement.
  • Internal antennae positioned to simplify accurate location of main pipes and branches.

Single frequency

  • The 83 kHz frequency allows the signal to jump over insulated connection points. This allows accurate location of underground utilities even with long pipes and weak signals.
  • Having just one frequency and very simple operation allows inexperienced operators to get up to speed quickly and easily.